Weird, Crazy Myths About Link Building in SEO You Should Probably Ignore – Whiteboard Friday

Weird, Crazy Myths About Link Building in SEO You Should Probably Ignore – Whiteboard Friday

The rules of link building aren’t always black and white, and getting it wrong can sometimes result in frustrating consequences. But where’s the benefit in following rules that don’t actually exist? In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand addresses eight of the big link building myths making their rounds across the web.

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Maksuduzzaman Khan says:

Great video!

please scale the startup music down.
below the voice level.
It startles!

Andrew Flores says:

Love this new intro such a huge improvement. Keep up the great work 🙂

Rahul Kuntala says:

My link juice… NOO!!! Lol! Made me laugh. But that's the most common myth most people have. External (relevant) linking is good for SEO. It's NOT gonna suck your juice 😉

Hailey Abbott says:

Really good concept. Keep it up!! Thanks for sharing.

Scorpio Occultist says:

LOL @ "whaaaaaaaaaat?" 0:33

Jim Komara says:

Great update Rand. Can you link to to our site? 😉

Leanne Ingram says:

Really super explanations, thanks Moz and Rand!

Svetla Zaprianova says:

Thank you S !

SEO Rank My Business says:

Yes We should these Myth about SEO Link Building.

Hafis Ismail says:

You're a rockstar! 😀

FbPassworder Social Media Video Tutorials says:

Homepage backlinks in footer/sidebar just anchor text or naked url are powerfull?

Mike Bryant says:

4:52 "Link Juice" thanks Rand, Now I'm thirsty.

Paweł Mansfeld | web design says:

Fantastic video!

Erick Moises Racancoj Amperez says:

Really good video, I've been always worried about links from web directories and now I've got peace in my heart 🙂

Olivier Clémence says:

heu thx for this explanation. waht about affiliate links. Are they risky for my website ? should i ask for nofollow on each of this link ?

Shyfx says:

The only way in which you can build a successful website in 2017 is by manipulating the system…… just having good content doesn't work.
Google is absolutely useless at figuring out quality content you simply cant rely on its algorithm to figure out that what you have should be rewarded, the very thing they dont want you todo is the very thing you have todo in order to make it worth your while.
Ive lost all hope in googles ability to rank sites according to the standards that they set for everyone it simply doesn't work

Austin William says:

Hey! What are your thoughts on blog comment backlinks?

Cranked SEO by Perry Bernard says:

Nice WBF, Rand. Good to debunk some of those things that sometimes scare the pants off the uninformed.

Arnaud Joakim says:

Happy to see Moz White Board Friday on YouTube!

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