The Rules of Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

The Rules of Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

Much of marketing, especially SEO, has shifted from a game with very few rules to a game that Google is fairly strictly refereeing. With their old tactics eliciting penalties, many marketers are simply throwing in the towel.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus Shepard calls a time-out and shows us the new strategy we need to come out on top.

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Alexander Baetz says:

Old but still gold 🙂

Thx MOZ!!!

NowAskMe says:

it mean that we can attach other site link to our website

One Page Zen says:

Interesting video – thanks.

SEO Hero says:

Evergreen link building rules, but totally disagree on one point "if you run a mechanic shop get links from others mechanic shops", this is never going to happen. If you sell shoes links opportunities from other shoes sellers is very limited. This can work in SEO for example because we share knowledge and we tend to link to each other, but in real life business the things do not work in that way

PCMATE - HOW TO says:, You'll be featured here after this great video.

Matt Sayle says:

Link Building and Link Earning are completely different worlds. As SEOs, we need to STOP link building and START link earning. Google is getting smarter by the second!

franc66 says:

Glad to hear u I am really big fan of you. I watched your video it's very good and unique strategy.

Joanna Budelman says:

Awesome whiteboard. I am now following you.
Question: we have a subdomain blog hosted on Hubspot: ex:… If i link from our website with anchor text to the subdomain blog, does Google see this as bad link building ie: main domain to subdomains?

Chillibreeze says:

Very helpful tips. Thanks!

StarMarketing Consulting says:

Nice Tips!

Thank you!

Tim Halloran says:

Great video thanks. I just read a Matt Cutts article which said guest blogging is dead for SEO. I've found that link building does generate traffic though even if it doesn't help SEO..

IICT - Java, Android, Selenium, CCNA, Networking, SEO, AWS, QTP, iOS, PHP & SAP Training In Chennai says:

Good one buddy 🙂

Maria Strela Natalia Sulaiman says:

Awesome presentation. I want to utilize link building for my B2B business. 
It's against company policy to reveal our dealers and suppliers
information, so who else can be my referral link partners. Thank you

Utsav Dhungana says:

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Sarika Pawar says:

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Jemay 5 says:

Hello guys, is there still hiring for seo? Because im looking for a job

blabla62871 says:

how can you do linkbuilding without having controll?

Harry Wilson says:

I'm doing video marketing. Doing SEO for video much…much easier than doing SEO for blog/website. This is the reason why many of the masters using video marketing for their campaign. With a tool they can generate 10,000+ unique visitors per day to their website. As a newbie, we rarely know this. The tool is….

Alphfirm says:

Awesome video, thanks 🙂

Btw. I got a question when i reach out to people asking for a link, should i tell them to write an article or anyhting special, or should i submit an article to them?
Or how do you approach people when reaching out? Do you just say: "Hi, can you link to my site?"

Digi Marketing Pros says:

Intro is way too long. Get to it already!

franz canlas says:

Thanks Malcolm for giving us your thoughts about the importance of link building, I want to share also that I tried using the Lexorsoft manual link building few months ago and it continue to benefit my website.

Chris Erickson says:

+Cyrus Shepard What should a web design company do with your recommendation on footer links? How else could they take credit for their work on the site without footer links? 

Tyler Golberg says:

+Malcom Oakley I do web design and always leave a link back to our website in the footer to get referrals, which has worked nicely. The anchor text has never contained keywords but should I make these all nofollow links?

Mohammed Mubasheer Hussain says:

Thanks a lot Mr. Cyrus Shepard… Loved this video!!!

Themis Theotokatos says:

So basically if I find a website and I go omgwtf this is great and I share this link to my website, this will means it is a quality link? and it is completely different from paying for my links to be published on sites? so this is quality vs quantity ?

Unique SEO Tips and Tricks says:

Marketers nowadays have shifted and further improved their SEO tactics. Link building is still being used but they applied new strategies to get on top of search engine results without hurting their websites. 

Octavian Ambrosa says:

Sounds even easier than in the past.

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