How to Build a Killer Content → Keyword Map for SEO – Whiteboard Friday

How to Build a Killer Content → Keyword Map for SEO – Whiteboard Friday

You’ve got content on your site that doesn’t intentionally target any keyword. But how do you identify those opportunities and, most importantly, capitalize on them?

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand illustrates the process of creating your own content-to-keyword map to discover where to optimize, what content to build, and how to intelligently target keywords when you’re auditing a site.

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Mohamed Ahmed says:

Does MOZ have this feature?

Videoswhoa says:

Thanks Rand for making this video. Those new to SEO and rankings think it's all about link building. This video will be an eye opener.

SEO Rank My Business says:

Awesome video to create unique & quality SEO content.

Hans Christian says:

For me, this is the best WBF! Thanks Rand!

Josemalive says:

Hi Rand,

thanks first of all for the great video. I have a question: ¿From which tool you get the "content grade" and "title grade"?


Lee Welton says:

Excellent videos.

Ken Lewis says:

In response to your question, I include mobile and desktop page speed scores on my spreadsheet.

Hassaan Khan says:

Hi, Rand!
I was pretty concerned about the quality of the content and page loading speed. I did my work and it seems fine now. My question is about outbound linking, as you talked about the SEO Audit, my question is related. I used to believe/probably still believe that a wide variety of different authoritative links in an article could influence the ranking. My question to you is: Have you ever noticed that an article/or a page that links to the various pages of a single authoritative site could outsmart the competition in terms of SEO and ranking? (I would appreciate if you share what you think about that)

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